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Symmetry Axis

Our premium hybrid sauna is meticulously crafted from the inside out to deliver unparalleled performance. The Axis brings the heat with its industry-leading infrared technology and an option for a traditional heater. If you're seeking in-home relaxation and an array of lasting benefits, our Axis pre-built has all you need to emerge revitalized and invigorated.

Technical specifications

Exterior panelling
  • Thermo Aspen
  • Thermo Aspen
  • Two tier benches
  • Glass-glass chrome hinges
  • 24 in. wide door opening
  • Large chromotherapy panel in ceiling
  • 8mm tempered full safety glass front
  • Extra large chromotherapy panel
  • Ambient RGB LED in ceiling and bench
  • Exterior ambient LED
  • 6 far infrared 'incoloy' heaters
  • Reach temps of 160-170 degrees with only infrared heaters
  • Optional traditional heater 1.9kW Harvia Vega
Site preparation required
  • A clean, level floor is best. Carpet, tile, hardwood, vinyl, concrete flooring are all acceptable. The Axis has it's own floor and comes with adjustable feet for a firm footing on most surfaces.
  • The infrared only Axis can be plugged into a normal outlet. It requires a dedicated 120 volt, 15 Amp circuit. The outlet must be located within 8 feet of the sauna.
  • If you purchase the optional traditional heater, a second curcuit will be required, and will need to be 120 volts, 20 Amps. The outlet must be within 8 feet of the sauna.
  • Exterior: Width: 4', Depth: 4', Height: 6'8", Fits: 1-2 people
  • Interior: Width: 44.5", Depth: 46", Height: 73", Fits: 1-2 people


Your at home wellness retreat.

Crafted with a thermally modified aspen exterior and an interior of beautiful thermo aspen, our Axis sauna provides both durability and elegance. With an upper bench, uncommon in infrared saunas, you're positioned centrally in the heat for optimal benefit. The full glass front on the Axis provides an open and spacious feel, while the compact size makes this pre-built sauna ideal for small spaces.

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A better you.

Indulge in a holistic wellness routine with regular sauna sessions. Sauna is known to boost metabolism, improve cardiovascular health, reduce stress, detoxify, reduce inflammation and enhance sleep quality. And with your sauna just steps away, you can integrate daily self-care effortlessly—for a healthier, happier you.

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Invest in your well-being

Elevate your wellness routine and experience luxury and long-lasting wellness benefits with our Axis pre-built sauna

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Hear from our customers.

Heather Gallegos, HeatPraxia.
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

“They have an amazing eye for design, upper level craftsmanship, and great experience in the industry."

Josh Frei, Fyre Mobile Sauna.
Woodinville, Washington

“My customers mean a lot to me, and I feel very confident sending them to Symmetry Sauna for their custom sauna needs."

Casey Tuckett, Jiko.
Draper, Utah

“Their quality of product is absolutely outstanding, and they themselves are just absolutely incredible to work with. Their customer service is amazing.”

Morgan Peak, Northwest Elite.
Spokane, Washington

“From start to finish it was an amazing experience.”

Emilie Sangimino
Kalispell, Montana

“They helped us to really hone in on our vision and worked with us on all the specifics.”

Brands who sauna with us


What is the timeline for a custom sauna build?

There are, of course, many variables that can affect the amount of time it takes from contact to completion of your custom sauna. With that being said, here's how it usually goes:

From the first call to the finalized order, it usually takes about 3 weeks. This includes the initial 2D layout approval, any 3D sauna designs, and one round of revision. Then, from order to delivery, we're currently running about 8 weeks. During this time, we'll triple-check the measurements, select and cut your chosen sauna lumber, build benches, order in your chosen components and accessories, and crate it all together to ship out. While we're doing that, your electrician and handyman should be finishing any site prep that needs to be done.

Once everything is complete, shipping takes 7 to 10 days.

If Symmetry is doing the install

Once your sauna arrives (and we have confirmed that the site is prepared), we can schedule the actual install.

Please note: We can pencil in an install date, but we won't schedule the crew until after your sauna has arrived. We've learned this lesson the hard way too many times. We can usually get our crew there within 2 weeks of crate arrival.

The average custom sauna install takes a Symmetry crew about 5 days to complete.

That all adds up to about 21 weeks. So there you have it. From contract tocompletion, you're looking at about 3 months for an average custom sauna install.

So you might want to get started today !

Where is Symmetry based?

Symmetry is headquartered in beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. If you're in the area, please stop in and see us.

Call 855.741.0577 to schedule a visit to our office.

Do you sell cold plunges too?

We do!

We are excited to be partnering with some real innovators in this space.

The top of the industry and proudly made in America, BlueCube currently makes the best ice baths in the business.

Breathe Degrees, based in Carlsbad, California is another leader in residential cold plunge that we are proud to partner with.

Check out our cold plunge page for more.

Don't forget! If you intend to buy a sauna and a cold plunge, purchase both through Symmetry and take $500 off the retail price of a Breathe Degrees tub! Claim your discount code right now.

Do you offer non-custom saunas too?

We do! And we make it easy.

This is a great option if you anticipate needing to move the sauna at some point in the future, or if your budget doesn't allow for a full custom build.

Since our goal is to offer only the highest quality saunas at the best value, we partner with very few sauna manufacturers. (This is also because there are very few that share our values.)

To see the current lineup of pre-built saunas we offer, have a look at the Residential pre-built page. For help picking the right one for you, set up a call with a Symmetry specialist today.

Why choose Symmetry for a non-custom sauna?

By offering a selection of only the best-of-the-best pre-built saunas, we've already done half the work for you. We also provide a better all-around offering than anyone else on the market: Every Symmetry customer—no matter what you purchase with us—will receive our Symmetry perks. These benefits aren't available anywhere else in the industry. To learn more about Symmetry perks, give us a call.

What is the general price for custom saunas?

There are, of course, many variables that contribute to the final price of any custom sauna, so the figures below do not constitute a quote. With that being said, we understand that a budget range can be very helpful, so here you go:

Indoor, built-in custom sauna with premium sauna-grade lumber, custom benches, a high-quality traditional heater, and full glass door. (Price does not include installation.)

2-3 person: starts around $10,000
3-5 person: starts around $15,000
5-10 person: starts around $22,000

Outdoor, ground-up custom sauna with premium sauna-grade lumber inside, custom benches, a high-quality traditional heater, tiled and insulated floor, window, metal roof, lap siding, interior & exterior lighting, exterior-grade sauna door. (Price does not include installation.)

2-3 person: starts around $18,000
3-5 person: starts around $28,000
5-10 person: starts around $35,000

Ballpark figures only go so far. To get a quote on your dream sauna, schedule a call with a Symmetry sauna specialist today.

Do you build anywhere in the US?

Almost! We have teams in a growing number of regions around the country and are regularly bringing on new Symmetry-Certified install crews. We also have traveling crews that work on select projects, but these do not typically include residential builds.

To see if there is a Symmetry-Certified crew in your area, call 855.741.0577, or submit a request form, making sure to include your zip code.

How can I schedule a site visit?

If you are within an hour's drive of one of our Symmetry estimators, we would love to come out and meet you. If we don't have a team member in your immediate area, a video call is the next best thing. To schedule your site visit, call 855.741.0577, or submit a request form, making sure to include your zip code.

Who will build my custom sauna?

If your site is within an hour's drive of one of our Symmetry-Certified install crews, we would love to build your custom sauna.

If there are no Symmetry-Certified crews in your area, not to worry. We provide a full set of elevations and easy-to-follow instructions, and our experienced install advisors will be available to your onsite contractor to answer any questions that may arise.

We have had a 100% success rate with our saunas when installations are done by skilled carpenters—with or without sauna experience.

To see if there is a Symmetry-Certified crew in your area, call 855.741.0577, or submit a request form, making sure to include your zip code.

What's the cost for a non-Symmetry contractor to install my custom sauna?

That depends on the experience of your contractor.

If the contractor has never done a sauna installation before, and they are learning on the job, you should expect to pay anywhere from 15%-25% of the cost of your sauna.

**If your sauna has unique custom features that would be difficult for a carpenter with no sauna experience, we will insist on doing the build ourselves.**

If the contractor has sauna experience and a portfolio showing proof of their experience, you can expect (depending on the level of complexity) to pay 35%-60% of the cost of your sauna.

To find out more about the potential cost of your install, call 855.741.0577, or submit a request form, making sure to include your zip code.

Do you cover all material shipping as well?

Our saunas are transported by freight companies to all parts of the lower 48. Shipping is always included in your sauna quote.

How do I get started?
Can you supply multiple saunas for sauna studios?

We can! Whether you need three or three thousand, infrared or traditional, Symmetry is your source for commercial-grade saunas.

Schedule a call with a Symmetry specialist to find out more.

Can you build a custom infrared sauna?

If you can dream it, we can build it. There are some fantastic benefits associated with infrared saunas, but most of the off-the-rack options are sub-standard—and some may even be toxic.

Symmetry will design and build your custom infrared sauna with premium, sauna-grade soft woods so you can have all the benefits of the infrared heat source without the dangers of adhesives and treated lumber common in IR saunas. What would you like your infrared sauna to look like? Give us a call today and tell us about your dream sauna.


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